Trilogy Providence Tournament ('18 Boys)  Lacrosse

Summer 2018
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The Trilogy Providence Tournament is a US Lacrosse Nationals Qualifying tournament. 

This applies to the most competitive divisions within the 2022 (14U), 2023 (13U) and 2024 (12U) divisions. 

Teams signing up for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 divisions will indicate if they are interested in participating in a qualifying division during the registration process. Teams who indicate interest will be placed in the most competitive grouping within the 2022 (14U), 2023 (13U) and 2024 (12U) divisions and will earn points towards qualifying for the US Lacrosse Nationals tournament taking place August 2-5th, 2018. 

Regarding tournament division breakdown, Trilogy has conversations with all program directors to learn more about their teams and place teams appropriately based on age and skill level. Trilogy will structure their brackets accordingly as a result of these conversations. 

Teams should sign up for division of the oldest player on their team.

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